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one were not to die! Atahualpa entered the town late in the afternoon in a litter carried by eighty lords; with him were four other lords in litters and hammocks and 5-6,000 men carrying small battle axes, slings and pouches of stones underneath their clothes. He ruled over the third of the five worlds in Aztec belief. Tlaloc, the god of rain, then became the sun. As with images of her mother, she is shown with a skull tied to her belt.

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Pro: Well, hes said to be associated with being the light of the world and hes pretty essential to the Aztecs. In this frieze, Coyolxauhqui is shown spread out on her amerikansk skinnjakke kupongere side, with her head, arms and legs chopped away from her body. The shrine to this deity is described in detail by Duran as well as accounts by several of the soldiers with Cortes, namely Andres de Tapia and Bernal Diaz as well as Cortes himself. Origin: If we go by the iconography, his figure worship may date back to as early as the Olmec or Maya. The name Xoloitcuintle makes reference to Xolotl because, historically, one of this dog's missions was to accompany the dead in their journey into eternity.