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Mandatory Sign-up/Sign-in, this one was the most controversial choices. We did it with our offline product we partner with select hotels, standardize them and make them available at great prices and we wanted to take it further with our mobile app product. One App for all your hotel needs. However, we wanted to separate the sign-up, data entry and user authentication steps from the booking flow to retain the seamlessness of the booking experience, even for the first time booker. Close, india's Largest Hospitality Company, fastest hotel booking process, it takes only 5 seconds and 3 taps to book a room on the OYO App. We believe it is our karma to help our customers to get a better stay experience and we want to support them at all steps booking a cab, finding nearby restaurants, ordering room service, etc.

Most sites/apps (including our own web app) fork the payment step into two and ask for a choice between paying now and paying at the hotel. I am proud of the young team that has worked on our app and gotten it till here and am equally excited about the work that is underway to make the booking and stay experience of our customers even more seamless. Conventional wisdom told us to remove any steps that came in letting a customer explore the app and browse the hotels. When we released this to the customers, we got some customers who were pleasantly surprised by it and some who got shocked by it and panicked when they saw they had made a booking while just playing around with the app. Ours is a transactional heavy business where most customers download our app when they have a need to book a hotel. It is important to look at this approach with respect to the context of your business. Bangalore, delhi, gurgaon, noida, mumbai. The Making of the OYO App. Payment to be done post booking. Dynamic Home Page, our home screen is not a booking widget and we dont presume every time you open the app, you are there to make a booking with us, especially when you already have a booking with. Never get stranded again, with location sensors you can find a hotel near you in seconds.

Oyo kuponger for apps
oyo kuponger for apps

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